Sarah Cho (04/08/2016)

This week was our first week back at the CYO in a while due to scheduling issues. Our spring break week unfortunately did not match up with their two weeks of spring break. But, we were back to business this week and busy as ever! In my classroom, the older kids (~>9years) continued to work on their gallery projects. All of LEAP is working under the same theme for our show: Trenton, My City. It is a dynamic celebration of the LEAP students’ hometown. The students were asked to reflect upon their own Trenton experiences and to craft urban landscapes in response.The older kids are painting on canvas their views of the city! We brought in pictures of Trenton a few weeks back as well as printouts of Edward Hopper’s paintings.

Why Edward Hopper? His paintings of New York in its conception as a city of high rise buildings as well as changing social patterns. I found an echo of Hoppers’ paintings in the Trenton cityscape.  I think there is something to be said about how Princeton students aren’t as aware as they could be of Trenton and other cities that are outside the Orange bubble. To me, Hopper’s paintings really strike at the core of the American Identity, and I think that it unifies us all.

Our kids also learned perspective in order to create their paintings! Most of their paintings are a few buildings on a street with a vanishing point. For many of the kids, this is the first time that they have painted on a canvas, adding another layer to excitement!

They have worked so very hard on their paintings and we are so excited for their works to be shown on the 22nd!



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